Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sewing Menswear

Let’s face it – most of the sewers out there belong to the female species. Gals who love to sew usually sew clothes for themselves or their girlfriends, and once in awhile they might whip up a men’s tie or a fancy handkerchief for accessorizing.
If you want to explore the menswear realm, whether you are a lady or a gent, begin by using this easy guide:

Starter Projects

Start with a vest or a pair of shorts and then slowly transition into making trousers, a dress shirt, or a jacket. Much like any other sewing project, you’ll gain confidence and develop skill along the way. You can also try altering a few garments, as opposed to making a piece from scratch, to familiarize yourself with various patterns.   

Fitting a Garment

If you cannot get access to a man dress form, sew something for your guy friend (or boyfriend, brother, dad, etc.) to get used to fitting a garment on a men’s body. Unlike the curvaceous body of a woman, men can do without darts and defined waistlines. In a sense, this will make it easier to fit men’s clothing in certain areas.   


The most common techniques you might want to practice for casual or formal attire include: tailoring techniques, flat-felled seams, buttonholes, zipper installation, edge stitching, and top stitching.

Research resources and tips before you attempt a new project. And practice! - That’s always a key ingredient. Good luck!    

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