Sunday, November 9, 2014

Make It Yourself: Gym Shorts Into Dressy Duds

It's not too warm outside here, but it must be HOT somewhere! If you're a DIY lover, live in a sunny place AND if you're absolutely tired of your workout shorts, turn them into to-die-for shorts with sheer panels. You can rock these dressy duds to the club with a crop top and pumps or to the office with a tucked-in blouse and loafers. Go on, show off those long stems you've got!     


1 pair of gym shorts
¼ yd sheer mesh fabric
marking pencil
measuring tape


To create high-waisted shorts, take in/adjust the side seams accordingly. The process will vary whether your shorts have an actual waistband or an elastic one.  


Mark the placement of the sheer panels with a marking pencil by measuring on the side seams of the shorts. Use the same measurement to guide your measuring tape along the hem and mark around the pant legs which will be the cutting lines.


Cut pieces of the sheer fabric to make inserts for front (2) and back (2) of the shorts. Sew together (or serge – depending on the fabric of your shorts) the front and back pieces. You should end up with a tubular piece of mesh for each pant leg. 


Cut on the cutting lines. (Keep the bottom pieces of the pant legs.)


Sew/serge the mesh inserts to the shorts. Then sew the bottom pieces of the pant legs to the mesh. 

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