Monday, August 11, 2014

Make It Yourself: Tank Top Into A Headband

Take your silk jersey tank and transform it into a chic-a-licious head band! Use Jennifer Behr’s chevron headband (pictured here) as inspiration to make your own headpiece.


1 tank top
1 black plastic headband
glue gun
hand sewing needle

Step 1

Cut pieces of the tank top to use for the headband. Keep aside two small rectangular pieces (1 ½” x 1 ½”) which will be used to finish the ends of the headband later on.    

Step 2

Take the headband and start wrapping the fabric around until the headband underneath is fully covered. Use the glue gun to keep the fabric in place. 

Step 3

Use another piece of the tank top fabric to start shaping the tucks and folds of the headband. Once you’ve achieved the desired look, use the hand sewing needle and thread to sew a few tacks to keep the shape.

Step 4

Take the two rectangular pieces of fabric and glue them onto the ends of the headband. Fold in and glue to the ends for a smooth finish.

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