Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How To Replicate A Garment

If you own a piece of clothing that you would love to have an exact copy of, whether the original is just past its prime or you simply lust for a duplicate made out of a different fabric, you, my sewing friend, are in luck because I’ve got a few tips for you!
Before you begin prepping your project, keep a few things in mind which will assure you have the least amount of speed bumps along the way.


You can easily make a new pattern out of your existing piece without taking the garment apart by transferring it onto paper. Carefully use a tracing wheel to trace around each panel, label the pattern pieces and add seam allowance, and you’re good to go! The pattern is, of course, reusable, which is an added bonus.   


To ensure the new garment you will sew will drape the same way as your already existing one, plan accordingly. If you are thinking of making a total copy of your garment, choose a similar fabric. On the other hand, if you want to sew the new garment out of a different fabric, pick any fabric, just similar in weight.


Research your fabric to find out if you require any special tools or notions, then grab them on your next fabric store run. Adjusting your machine settings for the kind of fabric you are using will make a significant difference in the final product. You can test the tension and thread length on a test piece before you begin.

Hope your cloned garment comes as close as possible to the one you already own!

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