Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sewing Clothes For Your Body Type

Whether you follow the latest trends or set your own, knowing which garments suit your body shape is key to feeling comfortable in your own (clothed!) skin.  And if you just happen to sew your own clothes, then you absolutely know that every pattern may not be the right fit for you. Since everyone is a different shape and size, identifying which styles of clothing will complement your frame comes with ease if you are familiar with your body type.

The most common body types are pear (or bell), apple (or triangle), banana (or straight), and hourglass. Next time you’re picking up a pattern, keep a few things in mind according to your body type:


If you have a larger bust and/or broader shoulders than your hips, make darker coloured blouses and jackets. Pair that up with a pant or skirt with interesting patterns to create an overall balance. 


Hips broader than shoulders? Sew brightly coloured tops and dark or neutral bottoms. Give strapless dresses a try – to show off your petite shoulders, of course!  


If your waistline is not defined and the top and bottom of your body are almost the same size, add dimension by making voluminous clothing such as gathered skirts or shirts with puffy sleeves. Include a belt with your outfit which can help create an illusion of a more distinct waist.


You have a defined waistline and even width of shoulders and hips, which means  you can wear patterns on top and bottom to keep a balance throughout. Try sewing a pencil skirt to flaunt your curves.   

The tips mentioned here are nowhere near “rules” you have to live by. You can simply follow them to enhance your figure by giving it some balance. 

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