Sunday, May 4, 2014

Repurposing Your Clothes

Who doesn’t love shopping for new clothes? You get to try on skirts, pants, and tops and figure out how these brand new items will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. What if I told you to skip the store and go shopping in your closet?! Crazy, right? Not really! Everyone always has clothing waiting to get dumped right around spring cleaning time, exchanged at a clothing swap, or lent out to a BFF – and you know those clothes are probably never going to be returned (maybe years later, if you’re lucky!). Repurpose these forgotten garments and turn them into something you’ll wear over and over again. Here’s how:

You and your denim button up shirt have been through so much: windy summer days, casual Fridays at work, and don’t forget about the great recovery from that hot sauce stain! Keep that baby around and recreate it into a skirt with an elastic waistband or a fringed vest. You’ll get to keep a piece of something you already love and wear it as a totally new garment.

That pencil skirt is your trademark, but let’s face it – it sure could use a little special something to freshen it up. Sew a fun belt to add to your classic skirt or add side seam slits to make it more interesting.

I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely have a retro section in my boudoir. I love mixing oldies with current pieces for a one-of-a-kind look. You can even try utilizing pieces of your old school gear to add character to modern ones.

Repurposing your clothes can be a fun way to explore your imagination and get creative with your wardrobe. You’ll get to keep your favourites and make (somewhat) new pieces. Well, I’m off to use my Fresh Prince of Bel-Air shorts to make funky lining pockets in a jacket. Gotta go! 

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