Friday, March 23, 2012

Inspiration Avenue

"What's your inspiration?" is a common question I hear all the time.

I'm often inspired by every-day things such as: nature, movies, food, art, music, culture, people or places. As soon as I come across a new inspiration, I think of putting it to use. And if I don't just stumble upon it, I search until I find one, reel it in, and go to work. It can be something as simple as the colour arrangement on a candy wrapper. I'll see a hue that speaks to me and start brainstorming ideas: what I can make, how it'll come together, and how I can be innovative.

If I don't end up using an idea right away, I'll store it for later, revisit it at another time and potentially make it better than it was. It's kind of like a building process. It can start out tiny, but potentially turn into something huge. Just depends on how great of an inspiration it was in the first place and how much I am willing to "build" on it. It's all works of my imagination.

For me, the most common way of building on an idea is making an inspiration board - a collage of pictures and words that relate to what I'm trying to create. Seeing all the ideas come together makes my initial thoughts more real.

What are you inspired by? Where do find your inspiration? And when you do, do you use it? Or do you compile it with other ones to make an even bigger one?

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