Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Little Things

I received an email three weeks ago from a lady (let's call her Jada Pinkett Smith) who said that her sister-in-law is one of my past students (J-Lo). It turns out that J-Lo recommended my services after she had completed the cutest baby skirt for her niece with my guidance. Nothing better than a referral, right?
Jada asked if I would be available to alter a dress that she needed for an upcoming wedding. She is a bridesmaid, so you know she's gotta look extra spiffy. 
After a few emails back and forth, we agreed on a meeting time so I could scope out the dress. It was a beautiful emerald green strapless dress, pleated in the front, with an optional tie-up belt.
But Jada hated it. She didn't like the colour or the belt and definitely despised the way the dress fit on her body. She's a brand new mom and is still trying to get used to her body after giving birth. The dress was a few sizes too big and needed some serious shaping in the bodice. 
Needless to say, I got to work.
We met up again for a fitting. Jada slipped into the dress to check out the freshly tailored product. When she glanced in the mirror, a totally different dress looked back at her. She couldn't believe it. The dress accentuated her curves and brought out her confidence at the same time. I showed her how to wear the belt (tied up into a bow on the side) and I also gave her some tips on accessories. She was set.
Jada proceeded to tell me that she almost didn't want to attend the wedding because she didn't feel comfortable wearing the "old" dress. Now that she was 100% secure in her outfit, her whole mood lifted. She was ecstatic. 
I hung up the dress, zipped it up in a garment bag and handed it over to Jada. She expressed her gratitude and off she went. 

Then she came back. 
She gave me a big hug and thanked me again.   

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  1. Look at're a therapist and didn't even know it...bravo!!!