Sunday, March 2, 2014

Quick Start Your Way Into The Sewing World

So, you want to learn how to sew, right? You’ve been thinking about signing up for a sewing course to get the basics down pat. Or maybe you haven’t sewn in awhile and want to get back into it. You want to join a sewing class to build your confidence on the sewing machine. Sound about right? What you need in your life is a Quick Start sewing class at The Sewing Studio!

If you are unable to fit an 8-week Introductory Sewing course into your schedule, not to worry – you can register for a Quick Start class which is half the duration and just as fun! In this 4-week course, you will get an in-depth lesson on machine functions, you’ll learn new stitches, sew buttonholes and buttons that won’t budge, and make projects which will be useful but also act as steppingstones if you would like to venture out into making more difficult ones. Pretty awesome or what?
This course is also great for those who are unsure about sewing and just want to try it out. Quick Start is a great way to test out your love for sewing. Or if you’ve completed Introductory Sewing and are on the fence about taking an intermediate course next, Quick Start is a great way to get more machine time and perfect your sewing skills since it is a project-based class.
Two hours every week for four weeks to learn all of that? Yes, it’s that easy. Register today!

Published in LoveSewing Magazine on February 27, 2014

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