Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wardrobe Planning

For me, dressing up for any occasion is fun. Stepping into my wardrobe and picking out an outfit allows me to immerse myself fully into a character that I wish to play that day. I can use a piece of clothing to convey a message or display how I’m feeling at the time. And I usually feel like a rocker from the 80’s.  With pin-up girl hair, tribal accessories, and a modern bohemian street style. But then again, I might feel like sporting a casual chic outfit with sneakers. Just depends on my mood. Even though my wardrobe does not have one particular style, I am able to incorporate the pieces I have to create a style that’s all my own. This is simply because I put a little extra thought into new clothes I make for myself or purchase from a retailer.

If you plan on sewing a few new clothing items, choose patterns that you will be able to wear together in an outfit. Or make something which will contribute to the clothing you already have. Add essentials when needed and try not to overcrowd the space in your closet. Your goal is to form a comprehensive wardrobe which suits your everyday life. Just how a designer creates a collection, think of how you can mix and match new clothing you plan to make or buy.

Think ahead to create a “collection” of pieces to form your wardrobe. You will have more options in the long run. More options = a happy you!

                                                                             Published in LoveSewing Magazine on January 17, 2014

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