Thursday, November 17, 2011

Immortals: Costume Design

I recently watched Immortals and what I was impressed with the most was the use of stunning visuals and costumes (!), of course. 

Freida Pinto with a gorgeous head piece

I noticed all the small details in the wardrobe such as the use of a variety of leathers for the men's boots, tiny chains holding up capes and barb wire wrapped around wrists. The majority of the outfits were made out of leather rags and steel torso shields, but they were different in most scenes. It worked perfectly for the feel of the film. 

The face masks and warrior helmets were super creative.

The costumes of the gods were elegant. The garments they wore represented their qualities and provided an insight into their personalities.  

Check out a snippet of the design process with costume designer Eiko Ishioka:

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