Friday, October 21, 2011

Everyday Wear

Dressing up is always fun, so why not dress up every day? And I'm not talking about getting all decked out for work, but I'm guessing your workplace is where you spend most of your day, so try to make your wardrobe exciting. Not only will it allow for a personalized look, but you will also feel more comfortable.

Depending on your occupation, do your best to add new colours to your everyday outfits. Substitute your plain black skirt for a fuschia printed one, or if you're not ready to go that big yet, throw on an accessory, like an eye-catching bracelet or a fashion scarf. Even a small pop of colour makes your outfit stand out and shows off your flair. Try it. You'll be surprised at how much it works. And how much you like it!

My usual day-to-day look consists of lots of colour and a mix of different styles. I can look girly one day and be a total tomboy the next day. Just depends on how I feel.

Check out these two everyday looks that I put together:

Hat: Sourcing Map
Shirt: Wrangler
Necklace: Good Wood
Ring: Tatty Divine
Loafers: Ted Baker

Sweater: Debenhams
Scarf: Gap
Skirt: Vivienne Westwood
Shoes: Oh Deer!


  1. know of a budget friendly version of that vivienne westwood skirt?

  2. Try
    They have similar versions for under $70!